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Chapter 4: Agreements

This process of shedding outdated beliefs and replacing them with new ones is an exciting journey.

What is an agreement?

· Rules and understandings of how the world works, everything we accept as true, is an agreement.

· We agree what’s good and what’s bad. We agree to a religion or a spiritual life at all. We agree if mental health is real or not. We agree if depression is real. Every decision you have made stems from an agreement.

Rules and understandings of how the world works, everything we accept as true, is an agreement.

So, it is up to us to create new agreements and beliefs that will replace the old ones. We can do this by introducing a host of wondrous details, which will allow us to see the world through a different lens.

We can start by taking a look at our environment and how we interact with it. For instance, we might discover that nature is an entity full of life and beauty, something to be appreciated rather than just taken for granted. We can explore the idea that the earth provides us with essential resources that must be respected and protected in order to ensure its longevity for future generations.

As we take these ideas into account, we can begin to think about our relationships with one another and how they are affected by the rules and understandings of society. We can recognize that our interactions should be rooted in respect rather than judgement or superiority. We can emphasize kindness and compassion as core values in all of our relationships.

We can also look at how we view ourselves internally; focusing on developing self-confidence instead of relying on external validation or putting ourselves down due to comparison with others. By creating inner peace within ourselves, we are better able to show patience towards others when disagreements arise as well as foster empathy within our relationships.

These new sets of agreements and beliefs remind us that each individual has their own unique story; let’s celebrate everyone’s journey together and honor the differences among us! Let’s create a culture where inclusion is paramount, acceptance is commonplace, equality is honored, collaboration is encouraged, creativity flourishes freely without fear of judgement or ridicule—a place

However, the agreements we accept are not static. Over time, they can change. As our understanding of the world and ourselves evolves, so too do our agreements. We learn that what was once accepted as true is no longer valid or useful. We realize that some of the things we thought were good actually had a darker side to them.

This process of shedding outdated beliefs and replacing them with new ones is an exciting journey. It’s like discovering an entire new world and its possibilities. We can create new rules for ourselves and for society so that everyone can benefit from these changes.

We can explore different spiritual paths, find new ways to think about ethics and morality, experiment with different forms of art and creativity, discover new ways to approach relationships, develop new strategies for success in business, etc. It’s a process of uncovering hidden truths within ourselves as well as embracing fresh ideas from outside sources.

The power of this process lies in the fact that it gives us the opportunity to create something entirely unique – something that has never been seen before – based on our own personal experiences and values. We can craft authentic agreements and beliefs that will truly serve us in our lives rather than be dictated by external forces or societal standards.

We should never be afraid to challenge existing agreements or even discard them completely if they no longer resonate with us personally or serve a higher purpose for society as a whole. After all, life is constantly changing; therefore, our understandings about the world must evolve along with it if we want to continue growing personally and collectively as human beings. We agree what constitutes proper behavior.

When we accept an agreement, we believe it unconditionally. Our belief systems and our personalities are made up of thousands of these little agreements. We surrender to these beliefs.

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